Tourism academics and research at the University of Kashmir has its genesis in 2012 when MastersDegree Programme in Travel and Hospitality Management was introduced in the University under the aegis of the erstwhile Business School now called asthe Department of Management Studies.It has since then been at the forefront of undertaking research, providing education, training and skills/capability buildingin the tourism sector.Since its inception, various scholars have been pursuing their research and hundreds of students have been trained for the tourism& hospitality industry. In June 2021, it was officially established as an independent Department under the nomenclature “Department of Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure Studies” (DTH&LS).
The Department seeks to take a broader view of tourism, hospitality & leisure education and research, exploring issues and problems relevant to a wide range of situations and issues that entrepreneurs and professionals are likely to face. In this context, the Department envisages to become a Global Centre of Excellence in teaching, research and consultancy; to undertake cutting-edge research, to provide students with specific competencies for the tourism, hospitality & leisure sector in a practice-oriented and holistic approach; to deliver key competencies required in the tourism, hospitality& leisure sector; to respond to the regional and worldwide demand for tourism and hospitality leaders; and to build and sustain a competitive advantage in the global tourism, hospitality & leisureeducation, research and consultancy. The Department aims to produce future generations of global Tourism, Hospitality, and Leisure industry professionals, entrepreneurs and researchers via innovative academic programs, cutting-edge research, and strong industry and community partnerships.


To be a global leader in Tourism, Hospitality, and Leisure education, research, consultancy, entrepreneurship, innovation and stakeholder engagement, and serve as a think tank for delivering scientifically sound solutions in these sectors.
To deliver high-quality education, undertake cutting-edge research in tourism, hospitality, leisure management, and develop internationally competitive and socially responsible managers, professionals, entrepreneurs and researchers.
The Department is steadfast to engage with the young generation and enrich tourism, hospitality, and leisure management practice and leadership by: 
  • Delivering solutions to all the stakeholders that are sustainable, responsible, and pragmatic.
  • Designing distinctive academic, research, and entrepreneurial programs which are relevant, contemporary, participative, and cutting-edge
  • Generating research, both theoretical and actionable
  • Developing students personally as well as professionally
  • Promoting vocational skills alongside theoretical knowledge
  • Fostering a vibrant entrepreneurial culture
  •  Partnering with vital organizations