Tourism, hospitality and leisure industries are a global sunrise sector and the largest employer worldwide. Tourism is one of the biggest and fastest expanding socio-economic sectors in the world, which has become a major tool for global economic growth, development and job creation during the last 50 years. By building diverse connections and supporting regional branding efforts, tourism helps to regional growth and development One of the greatest phenomena of our time is the enormous expansion and diversity of tourism in the second half of the 20th century, aided in particular by technical innovation and reduced travel costs. There are few areas on earth that tourism has not penetrated, generating thriving, wealthy destinations in formerly unavailable regions. To guarantee the full potential of the industry is realized, powerful public sector tourism institutes must cooperate with other government agencies and other stakeholders to eliminate growth barriers. Trade liberalization was also recognized at the transnational level as important to helping liberalization measures, notably APEC's involvement in the liberalization of air transport in Asia, eliminate trade obstacles including tourism. Recognizing that tourism is an international industry that requires a liberalized regulatory framework to allow the free circulation of tourists, foster investments and promote sustainable growth, would enhance the competitiveness of the region's tourism.

The Department of Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure Studies is committed to become one of the leadingUniversity Departments. It is well equipped toundertake cutting-edge research, create knowledge and produceglobally competent professionals and entrepreneurs in the years to come. It will be our endeavor to create vibrant and enriched teaching as well as a learning environment that inspires innovation and entrepreneurshipby using the blended model of pedagogy to facilitate a more interactive and trans-disciplinary research and learning experience.

On behalf of the department of Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure Studies I assure our students and scholars that we will make all efforts to shape their future in order to enable them to pursue their objectives of life under the valued social, cultural and economic environment. The teachers, alumni and other staff members of the department form an extended family to whom the students and scholars can look up for any guidance and support.  

Dr Reyaz Ahmad Qureshi